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Swiss Space Systems - S3 is shaping the future of commercial space and academic space research. Our vision is to be the world leader in in-orbit delivery of small satellites. Join us!

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    Official launch S3

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    Mock up Test flight

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    Shuttle assembly

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    First test flights shuttle and satellite


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  • 04.05.2016
    Opening of ticketing for the S3 ZeroG Experience Worldwide at 14:00 CET
    S3 is to make the experience of zero gravity flights available to everyone at an affordable price in more than 15 destinations around the world, including the world premiere in Asia, in the Middle East and in North America. The schedule of the S3 ZeroG Experience flight campaign will begin with Switzerland, in late 2016, before setting off for the UAE.
  • 20.04.2016
    Marketing of S3 ZeroG Experience
    Geneva, Switzerland, April 18, 2016. A week after completing the acquisition of an Airbus A340-300, S3 announces an exclusive partnership with the travel agency Fert Travel and its international network ITP for the worldwide marketing of S3 ZeroG flights.
  • 18.03.2016
    S3 present at ICAO/UNOOSA SYMPOSIUM 2016
    This symposium was a continuation of the 1st joint ICAO and UNOOSA Aerospace Symposium held in ICAO Headquarters, Montréal in March 2015, with the theme of Emerging space activities and civil aviation – challenges and opportunities
  • 18.12.2015
    S3 announces the postponement of its ZeroG campaign and of its IPO.
    Technical and contractual delays in the calendar of the young Swiss startup have resulted in the postponement of the ZeroG flight campaign. They were last scheduled to begin at end of 2015.
  • 12.03.2015
    Never seen offer for the 2nd anniversary of S3
    S3 gives the unique opportunity to the general public to be an integral part of the Swiss space adventure. S3 announced last September negotiations with investors. This process was a success and will conclude with an Initial Public Offering (IPO) to come later in 2015, enabling S3 to consolidate its financial status and to grow in order to reach its goals.
  • 16.02.2015
    Official inauguration of Swiss Space Systems Croatia
    Zagreb, Croatia (February 16, 2015). S3, officially inaugurated its daughter company, Swiss Space Systems Croatia, in the presence of the Ambassador of Switzerland in Croatia, as well as representatives of the national and local authorities and international guests from the aerospace sector.
  • 14.03.2014
    KENNEDY SPACE CENTER– Today, S3 inaugurated its new U.S. subsidiary, S3 USA Operations (Florida) Inc., at the Kennedy Space Center (KSC). S3 has also signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Space Florida for future utilization the Shuttle Landing Facility (SLF) and associated infrastructure for its flight operations, which are slated to begin in 2015 with zero gravity flights
  • 19.02.2014
    Partnership of S3 with RKK Energia and JSC Kusnetsov
    Swiss Space Systems (S3) becomes 1st private European company to be able to use Russian rocket engines Sochi (Russia) — February 19th, 2014. Swiss Space Systems (S3), the aerospace company, announced today the signature of new partnerships with Russian companies specializing in space propulsion systems. This constitutes a key milestone towards the realization of S3’s project.
  • 04.04.2013
    Official Launch Video
    Swiss Space Systems - S3 was officially inaugurated in Payerne on March 13 in the presence of representatives of the national authorities, dignitaries and diplomatic representatives of eight countries. Relive this special day alongside Pascal Jaussi, founder of S3, who was happy to share his vision of what his company stands for.
  • 13.03.2013
    Video : How will the in-orbit delivery of small satellites work?
    The inaugural event of S3 is the perfect opportunity for our Founder and CEO Pascal Jaussi to explain how the launching system of small satellites will work.

    Watch the video

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