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Swiss Space Systems and Spaceport Malaysia: a win-win partnership

Swiss Space Systems and Spaceport Malaysia had the opportunity to sign a Memorandum Of Understanding during the official launch of S3 on march 13. S3 had the opportunity to come to Malaysia to discuss concrete measures with its partners as well as the governmental entities, and to see the progress of the construction works of the future Spaceport.

For Swiss Space Systems, the idea of “space for all” takes all its meaning when we see this strong partnership with Malaysia. This market possesses a lot of strengths, and looks to develop activities in aerospace, in particular with Spaceport Malaysia. Its geographic position makes it a perfect launch location for Swiss Space Systems, with Spaceport Malaysia giving S3 the possibility to operate. The infrastructure will include a spaceflight terminal, as well as a S3 Centre of Excellence and a housing project with space-architecture concept.

Richard Joye, Head of Business Development had the opportunity to go to Kuala Lumpur and Johor Bahru where he was host to the heads of aerospace activities. He could also see the progress of some of the construction works due for completion in June 2013. An important hangar is already planned for the Airbus A-300 and the SOAR shuttle. As Norul Ridzuan Zakaria, Founder of Spaceport Malaysia outlines it:  “We believe this system being developed will be reliable, and we think there will be opportunities for Spaceport Malaysia and Swiss Space Systems to grow mutually.”

This first partnership in regards to a Spaceport is a good example of mutual benefits. With the Spaceport being built, S3 has an access to the sea, in order to operate. For Spaceport Malaysia, the presence of S3 is an asset and will allow a technology transfer between the two countries. Besides Malaysia, discussions are at an advanced stage with other potential partner countries such as Morocco, Canada and Ecuador.

(from left to right) Norul Ridzuan Zakaria - President of Spaceport Malaysia, Noor Azizee Abd Aziz - Principal architect of Spaceport Malaysia,  Dato'  Nasri Nasrun - CEO of Spaceport Malaysia, Richard Joye - Head of Business Development at Swiss Space Systems

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