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S3 announces the postponement of its ZeroG campaign and of its IPO.

Technical and contractual delays in the calendar of the young Swiss startup have resulted in the postponement of the ZeroG flight campaign. They were last scheduled to begin at end of 2015.

Swiss Space Systems maintains its initial strategic direction, including the assurance that its customers around the world will benefit of a robust legal framework completely compliant with the commercial aviation regulation. The implementation of commercial and scientific parabolic flights through a certification as an airline is a world premiere. It requires long and detailed work with the respective airworthiness authorities.

The IPO of Swiss Space Sytems will be pursued, as well as the option offered to certain customers to convert their ZeroG tickets into company shares. However, the IPO will be postponed to ensure the best possible valuation of S3 when it enters the stock market.

S3 has been able to rely on strong industrial partners and suppliers who were able to support its pioneering projects, contributing to the development of the company, both nationally and internationally since its inception. The continuity of these relationships and public confidence in the company strengthen its willingness to make every effort towards the success of these objectives.
The company acknowledges that calendar changes may exercise the patience of its ZeroG passengers. Swiss Space Systems would like to thank all of them for their confidence. They will soon receive a direct information letter with further updates on the program.

Swiss Space Systems continues to work with firm determination in order to achieve its objective as soon as possible: To provide affordable access to its ZeroG flights to the public at large, in Switzerland and abroad.

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