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S3 Program

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    Official launch S3

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    Mock up Test flight

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    First test flights shuttle and satellite


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Opening of ticketing for the S3 ZeroG Experience Worldwide at 14:00 CET

S3 is to make the experience of zero gravity flights available to everyone at an affordable price in more than 15 destinations around the world, including the world premiere in Asia, in the Middle East and in North America. The schedule of the S3 ZeroG Experience flight campaign will begin with Switzerland, in late 2016, before setting off for the UAE.

S3 ZeroG Experience: The Unique Experience of Weightlessness

First-come, First-served

40 flights ready for more than 15 destinations.

At 14:00 CET, the ticketing for the S3 ZeroG Experience will be online: 


In light of the enthusiasm among the general public, and attracted by the unique nature of the S3 ZeroG Experience, the Swiss company has increased the number of flights and destinations worldwide.


S3 aims at providing the public at large with an opportunity to experience this unique weightless feeling, by offering ZeroG flights at the most affordable prices ever made available worldwide. Premium and VIP zone customers will be awarded an exclusive S3 watch branded by one of the most prestigious Swiss watchmakers, making their ZeroG experience onboard even more exclusive. The Airbus A340-300 will accommodate around 70 passengers for a 90-minute-flight, for a total of 15 parabolic flight profiles. Each parabola will provide 20 to 25 seconds of weightlessness.

The flights will also serve as a platform for high-precision microgravity experiments on behalf of institutional clients, research institutes, universities and space companies or agencies.

As highlighted by Pascal Jaussi, Founder and CEO of S3: « We are reopening the ticketing for S3's ZeroG Experience as a first step to achieve our company vision of "Space for All," giving everyone a chance to experience weightlessness similar to that felt by astronauts in Space, at an affordable price».

There are three categories of S3 ZeroG Experiences:

Party Zone
In this zone, which caters for up to 40 passengers, ZeroG is available for 2'950 CHF per head. This is the world's most affordable ZeroG experience.

Premium Zone
This more exclusive zone welcomes up to 24 passengers and offers more room for each of them. Premium Experiences are available for 7'500 CHF each and include special activities, such as playing with liquids and balloons. Passengers receive an S3 ZeroG Exclusive Swiss Timepiece, which will serve as boarding pass.

VIP Room
This even more exclusive zone welcomes up to 12 passengers. The location of this VIP Room offers additional options for a tailor-made experience. The passengers of the VIP Room will also receive an S3 ZeroG Exclusive Swiss Timepiece.

S3 Chronograph

The support of renowned Partners


Fert & Cie is working in partnership with S3 for the marketing of its ZeroG flights. The Geneva-based agency will also assist S3 passengers with the organization of ancillary services such as flights, as well as bespoke hotel accommodation through the International Travel Partnership (ITP) network. The latter brings together 61 travel professional partners, present in 55 countries to provide an unparalleled global quality of service. Its worldwide network coverage ensures reliability and competitiveness of unrivaled offers. In view of obtaining the status of a commercial airline able to operate for the first time commercial ZeroG flights worldwide, S3 benefits equally from the support of Hi Fly in the operational, CAMO - Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization) and regulatory domains (AOC - Air Operator Certificate).

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