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The Airbus A340-300 of S3 Solutions SA, a subsidiary of Swiss Space Systems Holding SA, was presented for the very first time to guests on the inauguration of the new tarmac of the Aeropole in Payerne.

From the first flight over the slopes, the crowd became silent, captivated by the size and the choreography of this giant Airbus aircraft weighing several hundred tons. For several minutes, numerous heads followed the passages of the airplane, impressed both by its size and the lack of noise generated by such a machine. After landing, the crowd had a chance to visit the aircraft.


This Airbus A340-300 was acquired in order to operate planned ZeroG flights in 2017 in Cape Canaveral, the United Arab Emirates, China, Canada and various destinations in Europe, which is a world premiere. Pascal Jaussi, CEO of S3, said “ I’m surprised by the enthusiasm of the flight bookings we've had in Asia and in the Middle East. Having space on earth is fantastic! “

During its first visit to Switzerland, the aircraft was not yet in its final livery, it was white with black logos. The final black paint is scheduled in September 2016. It will return to Payerne for its inauguration.

Swiss authorities inaugurated the tarmac and the civil taxiway in front of an audience of political & financial guests and journalists

The Aeropole in Payerne will be used only by aeronautical firms, and eventually, Swiss Space Systems will see its premises transferred to the Aeropole, providing spatial diversity to the majority of aeronautical companies already installed on the site.

Politicians and leaders present at the event were impressed and thrilled to describe this exceptional day for the entire region. Payerne’s mayor, Christelle Luisier, exclaimed « We are living an historic day! ».  The Aeropole is expected to become a reference center of Swiss aerospace.

The taxiway will be the bridge between the military tracks. The technology park has a wingspan of more than 8000m2 and the tarmac, meanwhile, represents about 18'000m2.

The building permit for the Spaceport should be granted before the end of the summer. This permit will be the conclusion of an enormous amount of work of a team of professionals, who prepared the dossier for S3's presence in the locale.

The unique feeling of microgravity offered to a larger public worldwide

S3 aims at providing the public at large an opportunity to experience a unique feeling, by offering ZeroG flights at the most affordable prices ever made available world-wide. Premium and VIP zone customers will be awarded an exclusive S3 watch branded by one of the most prestigious Swiss watchmakers, making their ZeroG experience onboard even more exclusive. The Airbus A340-300 will accommodate around 70 passengers for a 90-minute-flight, for a total of 15 parabolas. Each parabola will provide 20 to 25 seconds of weightlessness.    

The S3 ZeroG aircraft will also provide a platform for high-precision microgravity experiments. The targeted customers will be institutional (space agencies, universities...) or private companies conducting research in the aerospace industry. 

​©Patrice Uldry

©Patrice Uldry

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