& Goals

Swiss Space Systems - S3 is shaping the future of commercial space and academic space research. Our vision is to be the world leader in in-orbit delivery of small satellites.
Our mission is to give access to space. We want to make space accessible through fast and recurrent access opportunities facilitating particularly science and in-orbit delivery. Thanks to our innovative launching system based on assembling the best of proven technologies, we will be able to serve our clients with excellence at highly competitive costs. Our aim is to democratize access to space by enabling emerging markets, countries, universities and research institutes to do what has not been possible for them up to now: deploy their own satellites.


Our objective is to develop, manufacture, certify and operate unmanned suborbital spaceplanes for small satellite deployment. The range of satellites we will be able to launch goes up to 250 kg small satellites. The start of the test flights is planned for 2017. In order to achieve this goal, we rely on the support of a worldwide network of internationally renowned partners and advisors, who all support S3 and trust our vision. While Swiss Space Systems - S3 is a new company, we benefit from decades of research, design, testing and implementation. Our partners and advisors will provide us with a know-how second to none and the best available technologies already developed and certified.

Flight operation

We propose a sustainable system based and built on aeronautics experience and its developments. For instance, we will launch our spaceplane from a Zero-G certified Airbus A300, and the spaceplane will use standard fuels, with no fuel required during landing after a suborbital flight.  
That way, we are building the most economic and ecological model available today. Nothing is lost on a flight. The main components used during the flight are re-usable and we intend to develop ground operations known from aviation such as inspection, repair and equipment replacement activities. 

Thanks to the reusability of the carrier aircraft and the shuttle, only the upper stage is expendable. Compared to a conventional launcher, this system allows substantial cost savings.